Today, Feature Labs and Carahsoft Technology Corp. announced a strategic partnership to include Feature Labs’ automated feature engineering capabilities within the Carahsoft portfolio. Carahsoft is the United States Government’s master technology aggregator and a trusted IT solutions provider. This partnership underscores the value of automated feature engineering, as well as our ability to enable the public sector with the technology to begin unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

According to a Deloitte report, automation technology powered by artificial intelligence could save federal employees anywhere between 96.7 million and 1.2 billion hours of work each year, potentially creating between $3.3 and $41.1 billion in annual cost savings. This is not to say federal employees are at risk of being replaced by machines – far from it – but rather suggests a way for them to truly accomplish more with less. Think how much faster a person could mow a lawn with a purpose-built lawnmower, versus a pair of scissors (keeping in mind, that person is still very much needed in order to accomplish the goal).

The same analogy can be applied to data science. It’s no secret that one of the biggest bottlenecks in making sense of massive sets of data is feature engineering. Identifying features is a laborious task and can take even the most experienced data scientists and software engineers months, at best, to complete. Imagine how much faster they could do this task with technology developed specifically to help them. This is made possible by our Deep Feature Synthesis algorithm, which quickly scales data science projects by performing automated and precise feature engineering on structured data, completing predictive modeling workflows within days, not months, as previously required. In our paper, “Machine learning 2.0: Engineering data driven AI products,” we note that Deep Feature Synthesis gives those in the trenches confidence that their predictive models will achieve the desired outcome.

Carahsoft built its reputation on providing government and public sector agencies with the most cutting-edge solutions available to keep the U.S. competitive globally. Feature Labs is building its success upon a similar goal: giving enterprises and government agencies a competitive advantage by automating their ability to quickly analyze data and identify features. This makes for a natural partnership. We look forward to working with Carahsoft’s reseller network to help the U.S. public sector remain at the height of competition when it comes to using and advancing AI and machine learning.

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