Tackling the greatest global and societal problems can only happen when everyone works together, regardless of programming language, business vertical, or degree.

That is why we invite all solvers in our community to join us in marking the beginning of a global analytics movement.

Introducing Analyticon

The magnitude of recent machine learning, AI and other analytic breakthroughs deserves to be celebrated. It needs a home. And now it has one.

Analyticon is a festival for the curious thinker looking to untangle problems across the globe. Analyticon will proudly embrace a truly agnostic and open source software approach to data science, machine learning, and analytics.

Analyticon will feature:

  • An inclusive data community festival experience
  • Hands-on Python, Data Science, Machine Learning and Alteryx Platform Training
  • A Career Fair matching talented developers with leading companies
  • Data brain dates for developers, by developers
  • Luminary talks with experts in advanced analytics
  • Thought leadership from a multi-disciplinary Analytics.Live stage
  • Trailblazing company use-cases highlighting analytics-based achievements

We hope you’ll join us and 7,000 people just like you in this revolution. Let’s embrace this growing community of solvers together.

No matter how you solve, come solve with us at Analyticon.

Register now!